Wood Floor Color Combination

Wood Floor Color Combination
Wood Floor Color Combination
Wood Floor Color Combination

Wood floor color combination is a fun and easy task with such amount of great pictures available all over the internet showing hardwood flooring or even luxury vinyl plank colors in contrast with the wall paint and textures. Specially with the 3D designs you can have  a better idea and selecting what you like and don’t like is the first step for your interior design and home remodeling project.

You can discover what is suitable for your personal taste, copy and paste some images, print them out and select some real life samples. Home remodeling is exiting and you can get help from professionals like architects and designers or even a contractor or installer that has experience to tell you what usually works and does not.

The flooring colors usually change with the real life samples, that is why we, at Frontline Works, recommend adequate planning and we also like to have a conversation before the flooring purchase for the simply fact that different materials, like hardwood floors or vinyl plank, have pros and cons that some times make a huge change on the direction of the decision.


  1. Landon "Wood Expert" Edgington Says :
    Posted on 16 de January de 2021 at 07:46

    This information has given me faith that I can still use some of my leftover wood flooring and I can pair it with a new one. By the way, do you have any idea if different types of hardwood can be used together?

    • admin
      Posted on 24 de February de 2021 at 13:10

      You can combine even with tile near weat surfaces.

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